My apologies

I apologize for the state of this blog. For some unknown reason several recent posts at this blog now appear out of sequence at the end of the blog, and have an altered appearance with a different font than the rest of the blog. I hope readers will not find this confusing. This technical issue is a pity because this blog was designed to give a view of growing this type of fruit in sequence through the growing year. 

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Time for picking and bird netting

Youngberry bramble with ripening fruit

Youngberry bramble with ripening fruit

Ripe youngberries ready to pick

Youngberry bramble with ripening fruit

Youngberry protected with bird net

Youngberries protected with bird netting

Your local hardware store should sell bird netting either packaged or by the metre for a very affordable price. The netting should last for years if you don’t handle it roughly and tear it. Just store it after the fruiting season and pull it out again next November.