The season is nearly here – berry-eating season!

The season for youngberries (December-January) is fast approaching and bunches of green youngberries can now be seen developing on the canes, but it is interesting to see how different is the stage of development my other Rubus berry bramble at this time of the year (November). On that bramble (which could be either a Silvanberry a Boysenberry or a Youngberry, my plants became mixed up many years ago) white flowers are only now appearing, and while they look a lot like the youngberry flowers that have now mostly developed into berries, these flowers are definitely a bit different in shape (compare the below flower photos, the youngberry flowers photographed last season). Both plants are currently clothed in fresh unblemished greenery, as is normal for this time for year.

I’ve been fertilizing and watering my Youngberry in the hope that this season’s berries will be especially plump, juicy and numerous, but I know that every year, regardless of the care given, there will be berries that are indescribably delicious. I can’t wait.

Unknown Rubus berry flowers

Rubus berry flowers

Youngberry flowers

Youngberry flowers

Ripening Youngberry berries

Ripening Youngberry berries

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