Blackberry cultivated varieties – links to useful info

Blackberry cultivated varieties include youngberries, boysenberries, loganberries, marionberries, tayberries, silvanberries and countless other lesser-known bred varieties. It is my understanding that of these varieties except the raspberry are brambleberries, with the raspberry being a related fruit that is interbred with blackberry species and cultivated varieties. They all biologically belong to the genus Rubus. The youngberry was bred from the blackberry, the raspberry and the dewberry, and many other cultivated varieties of brambleberries have similar parentage. There are many different native and introduced species of Rubus species and Rubus brambles that are found in Europe, Australia and America, and many of them grow as wild plants or weeds in particular areas. Australia has some native Rubus species, and it can be difficult to tell the many Rubus varieties and species apart. Never dump any amount of garden waste on vacant land or in natural environments, because this is an important way in which troublesome environmental weeds are introduced into bushland, and they can be very difficult to remove or control.

Links to info about growing blackberry cultivated varieties:

Gardening Australia. 2006 Fact Sheet: Planting & Pruning Berry Vines.

Dept of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria. May 2013. Bramble fruits.


Gardening Australia. May 2008. Growing raspberries.

Identification of blackberry (Rubus) species in Australia.

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